Utilising the resources of our sister business STACT Aerospace, we are able to offer a wide range of aerospace and related services to our clients across Australia and around the globe. These include-

  • Design services for payloads and aerospace elements
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • ELP assessments
  • Risk analysis and recommendations for all aerospace activities
  • Procedural reviews, with regard to operability, HMI, fatigue management and human performance factors
  • Unmanned services, including aerial imaging, asset inspection, media creation, last mile delivery, security, clearance checks and more.

We particularly specialise in not-yet-done activity and/or process creation, approval and implementation. Working closely with clients and regulators, we are able to provide an efficient, cost effective and timely service to businesses who wish to expand their aviation utilisation by creating and implementing an in-house aviation branch.

STACT Aerospace also holds registrations and/or approvals with the United Nations, Australian Defence, CASA and DECO – ensuring we are able to operate in a fully compliant and informed environment.